Why Sell with Us?

HPB Pharmacy Brokers understands that the sale process has far reaching affects and we can consult on how to manage this process with your staff, customers, suppliers & financiers.

You want to achieve the best possible return on your hard-earned investment within a swift timeframe. HPB Pharmacy Brokers is highly experienced in all aspects of selling your pharmacy – we deliver.

No matter whether there is group ownership, partnership agreements or other pharmacy specific issues, HPB Pharmacy Brokers is equipped to handle them effectively and with maximum returns.

Why Sell Through Us?

  • Work with you to ensure your pharmacy is in
    the best possible shape for sale
  • Ensure the correct and appropriate maximum market value is achieved
  • Use our nationwide network of potential pharmacy buyers
  • Handle all negotiations with third parties, paying close
    attention to Board regulations
  • Arrange and oversee valuations, legal issues, appraisals
    and any third-party service forming part of the sale process
  • Consult on how to manage the process with your staff, customers, suppliers and financiers
  • We can also act as a Buyers Advocate